Korker Ribbon Tutorial Part 1

Instructions for Korker ribbon (for Korker bows)

You'll need ribbon, scissors, 12" wooden dowels, clothes pins (2 for each dowel), and fabric starch (not pictured). The thread, needle clip and lighter are for the actual bow.
Start by wrapping one of the 12" dowel rods with ribbon.

Use clothes pin to keep the ribbon in place on the dowel.

Next continue covering the dowel with desired color of ribbon, without overlapping.

When you reach the bottom, cut ribbon with scissors and clip with another clothes pin to keep the ribbon on the dowel.
Continue until all dowels are covered in ribbon. Now spray each dowel & ribbon with starch. Hold the dowel over a garbage can or the sink and spray with starch.   Then place on a cookie sheet. You may cover the cookie sheet in foil to protect the pan.
Bake in oven at 270° for 20 minutes. The starch will help the korker ribbon to stay that shape. You might notice a strange smell from the cooking ribbon, but it won't hurt anything. Also, the wood will not burn. Some people suggest soaking the dowels in water first, but I've never done that and I've never had a problem with a dowel burning.
When baking is done, let cool and remove from pan. Cooling won't take long.

 Carefully remove ribbon from dowels. It will come off pretty easily. Red ribbon might leave a slight red tint to the dowel. (It won't transfer to other colors after use with red)

And there you have your Korker Ribbon. Don't forget to read the tutorial on making the actual korker bows! (Part 2)
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The above work is mine it is copyrighted. Please feel free to follow the instructions to create your own korker bows, but please don't copy my work, pictures, instructions as your own.

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Becca Sharp said...

Wow! You make this look SO easy! I always thought these bows would be hard, but your tutorial is very simple. Thanks for posting!!