Happy SPRING!!!

Bring on the Sunshine & Butterflies!!
Snow---Go Away!

Beautiful Hand-Crocheted Butterfly Clips attached to headbands/hats. Can be worn alone. A perfect addition to any spring outfit! Can be done in just about any color. Send an email to order or for inquiries. LittleMissClips@gmail.com

(Comment with your opinion of the products, I love feedback!)

Crochet Butterfly with Crochet style/waffle style Headband.

Butterfly Clip $3.00
w/Headband $4.50

Crochet Butterfly and Super Skinny Stretchy Headband.
(Headband colors--lavender, hot pink, black, white, brown)

Butterfly Clip $3.00
w/Headband $4.00

Crochet Butterfly and Crochet Style Beanie Hat

Crochet Butterfly $3.00
w/ Crochet Hat 8.00

(Also have waffle style hats available $1 less)

Crochet Butterfly Clips. Yellow, Pink, Turquoise, Purple.

(Also available in A Variegated Denim Blue, Red, White, Green, Black, email me if you don't see the color you want- I can send pictures of possibilities)

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