Sweet Orange

Orange Flowers add joy to a boring soccer uniform! :)

The above flower is large (abt. 4") with an applique flower center. Cost is $4

Or brighten up her face with a pair of clips or a popular korker bow.

This Korker bow is full and large. Pink Orange & Red. Other colors available. $3 for this Large Korker Bow or purchase a small set for $5.

This set is another favorite. Small size $1.75 each or $3 per set. Medium $2.00 each or $3.50 per set.

Gorgeous Orange Applique Flower set is $4.00, or $2.25 each.
(All clips are made with a high quality alligator single pronged or double pronged clip with a no slip design. Will stay in the softest, finest hair.)

1 comment:

JoAnn said...

I bought these for my niece and she loved them! This bright tangerine color and darling flower bow is so cute in her blond hair! I love Little Miss designs -they are unique and so sweet.